What is Mindfulness? – Episode 1 – Mindful Moment with Michael

This is the first introductory video in Dr. DeMaria’s popular Mindful Moment with Michael. In this video Dr. DeMaria explains the basics of mindfulness. Mindfulness refers to present moment, non-judgmental awareness of simply what is. There is a curious, open and welcoming attitude we cultivate in mindful awareness. We could even think of mindfulness as a kind of meta-awareness. Mindfulness has the capacity to improve whatever we are doing. Cultivating mindfulness throughout out day reduces anxiety, stress and improves creativity and our overall functioning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mindfulness itself is not judging, discerning, or evaluating – however, we can be mindful of ourselves being judgmental or evaluating – The Chinese character for Mindfulness would be more accurately translated as heart-mind-now. In my full Peace Within program we explore how to cultivate compassion, kindness in our mindfulness – which is a crucial dimension of mindfulness often left out of mindful teaching and practices. Stay tuned and subscribe for more in the coming weeks and months.

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