Peace Within Online Course

As it has become more and more difficult to find time to work with all the people that contact me I have begun to create opportunities for online learning based upon my 3 decades of experience as an integrative psychologist and life guide.  In the coming year we will be releasing an online training based upon my new book, Peace Within: Clear your mind, open your heart, embrace your soul and heal your life.  For those working with others in some form on a regular basis will receive a certificate of completion in the Peace Within Process for Integrative Wellness.  This training is sometimes offered on-site on the Gulf Coast.  Sign up to be on the waiting list and to be the first to know about the launch and be eligible for early bird discounts.

Course Launch: Beginning of 2017

PEACE-WITHIN: Clear your mind, open your heart, embrace your soul and heal your life.

About the Course

A 10 module course designed to be completed at your own pace (e.g. one module a week for 10 weeks, or one module every two weeks over 5 month period of time).  In today’s fast paced world – it can be hard to make time to practice these tools and skills. However, this book and program create a very accessible, simple structure that helps you commit to the process through it’s completion.  At the same time, the beauty of the online modules is you can do it at your own pace to fit in with your own life circumstances.

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