Mindful Moment with Michael – Episode 4 – Mindful Driving

This is the fourth video in Dr. DeMaria’s popular Mindful Moment with Michael. In this video Dr. DeMaria discussed the practice of mindful driving. When mindfully driving, simply drive – turn off your phone, turn off the music and feel the steering wheel – feel your body against the car seat – breathe deeply and notice the sounds, sights – the color of the other cars, the shifting clouds, notice nature – trees, birds, and keep your focus on breathing as you take your time and avoid rushing through this amazing experience of simply driving.  This is perhaps the most important mindfulness skill to develop to avoid accidents and perhaps even save your life.  Mindfulness refers to present moment, non-judgmental awareness of simply what is. There is a curious, open and welcoming attitude we cultivate in mindful awareness. We could even think of mindfulness as a kind of meta-awareness. Mindfulness has the capacity to improve whatever we are doing. Cultivating mindfulness throughout out day reduces anxiety, stress and improves creativity and our overall functioning.

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