Mindful Moment with Michael Episode 3 – Mindful Seeing

This is the third video in Dr. DeMaria’s popular Mindful Moment with Michael. In this video Dr. DeMaria discussed the practice of mindful seeing. Mindfulness refers to present moment, non-judgmental awareness of simply what is. There is a curious, open and welcoming attitude we cultivate in mindful awareness. We could even think of mindfulness as a kind of meta-awareness.

Try simply seeing what you see today – tracing the outlines of the objects in your visual field, being curious about color, texture. Imagine how you would see differently if you let go of the concepts of what you are seeing – but see in a more pure way – the way you did as a child.  Perhaps today take one object to REALLY see – a tree, a flower, and really explore it’s subtlety – tracing it with your minds eye.  Or look deeply into a landscape – or into the sky. Deep seeing is akin to deep listening – seeing with a quiet mind – helps you wake up to this amazing sound, light show of life.  Breathe…and REALLY see what you see. You can also practice feeling grateful for the miracle of seeing – and the gift of your eyes – simply saying to yourself, “thank you for my eyes, thank you for the gift of seeing.” See you next episode!

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