Mindful Moment with Michael – Episode 11 – Mindful Walking

This is the 11th video in Dr. DeMaria’s popular Mindful Moment with Michael. In this video Dr. DeMaria discussed the practice of mindful walking. Mindfulness refers to present moment, non-judgmental awareness of simply what is. There is a curious, open and welcoming attitude we cultivate in mindful awareness. We could even think of mindfulness as a kind of meta-awareness. Mindfulness has the capacity to improve whatever we are doing. Cultivating mindfulness throughout out day reduces anxiety, stress and improves creativity and our overall functioning.

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  • Issa Forrest

    Hello! Wonderful stuff, thank you! My name is Issa Forrest. My husband Alan and I produce a podcast called Finding NowHere. We would love to interview you about what you do! please email me if you are interested. And to see what we are doing please visit our website. Alanwartesmedia.com
    THANK YOU for what you do.

    • Michael DeMaria

      Thank you Issa and Alan! 🙂 I’d love to be on your podcast – sorry about the delay in responding – has been a crazy month for all of us! 🙂 I’ll also send you an e-mail.

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