Michael continues to consult with individuals and groups through a variety of mediums.  Although his time is very limited for personal consultation where he has a minimum of a 6 month waiting list, for those interested please e-mail us on the contact page and request the Health and Wellness Intake and Assessment forms which must be filled out and returned to be on his current waiting list.  As a result, he is spending more time as a teacher in person and online in the the Peace-Within Process – details below.

Integrative Wellness

Integrative Wellness is the evolving model in medicine and health care that treats the whole person.  Instead of seeking simple symptom reduction integrative wellness explores the underlying causes of illness – and seeks to bring balance in the individuals life by integrating practices that engage the mind, body, heart and soul.  Michael has distilled his last 30 years of work in the area of integrative wellness into his new book and training program  Peace-Within:  Clear your mind, open your heart, embrace your soul and heal your life. 

Peace Within Process ™

The Peace Within Process for integrative wellness is the distillation of Michael’s last 30 years of work.   There are 10 modules in the full training program that is offered in three formats, 1/2 day every other week for 5 months, a week long intensive or a go at your own pace online program.  Modules follow the format of the book and cover, The Peace Within Process, Peace Within Your Day, Peace Within the Body, Peace Within the Heart, Peace Within the Mind, and Peace Within the Self, Peace Within The Soul, Peace Within Relationship, Peace Within Life and Peace Within Death.  This program is not intended as therapy, but for educational and informational purposes for those interested in deepening their understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.  You can find out more here. 

Heart Warrior Training ™

After completion of the Peace-Within Process students may opt to further and deepen their studies by enrolling in the Michael’s advanced online classes known as the Heart Warrior Training modules.  Similar to the Peace Within Process training modules, the Heart Warrior training is done in a series of on-site or online modules that take the work of mindfulness, meditation and soul work to the next level.  Some topics to be covered include: 1) The power of vulnerability 2) The Art of Now 3) Becoming an Artist-Healer 4) Understanding, embracing and working with paradox 5) Dreamwork and 6) Speaking from the heart without losing your mind 7) Listening from the heart without losing yourself 8) Living from the heart, AND making a living, 9) The relationship between the heart and soul and 10) Living a heart-centered, soul-oriented life with humor, kindness, spontaneity and fun.  Click here to be on the waiting list and qualify for early bird notifications and discounts.