About Michael

As a child I felt a deep connection to nature, others and a vast presence that was a great solace to me. This deep feeling was always hard for me to put into words, as a result, from an early age I explored music, art and poetry as a way to express these feelings that always felt too big for words.

As I grew older I studied philosophy, psychology, and the great wisdom traditions of the world only to finally be led back to a simple truth – all we have is this moment.  As a result, my daily meditation and intention is to be as fully present as I can be each moment.

Life is fleeting and it is a gift to be here right now, breathing and conscious – sharing this fragile spark of life on this amazing planet careening through the universe.  If you are interested in diving deeply into this moment and clearing your mind and opening your heart to who you truly are – you’re in the right place.

Listen to the music samples, learn to meditate (check out the free 7×7 Meditation Challenge here), explore the online programs and I hope you too will begin to wake up to the adventure of self-discovery and join the mindful revolution happening on the planet today!

– Michael  DeMaria

Creative Mentoring

Creative Mentoring sessions with Michael are a nurturing, safe space to: 1)  Help you see your life as a journey of awakening; 2) Help you take 100% responsibility for your own journey towards wholeness; 3) Help you deepen your connection to the wisdom of your own innate creativity.

I see those I work with as fellow journeyers on a path of awakening to wholeness.  I do this by helping you develop a deeply embodied felt connection to the present moment.  This approach helps you maneuver the rapids of life with greater wisdom, skill, and creativity.  The soul is the field in which your body and life swim. When you begin to realize you are a fluid unfolding and not an object in space, life takes on an intimacy, wonder and mystery that guides you from the inside.

I am not here to give you answers, but to help you turn up the volume on your own inner wisdom. You are the expert on you! However, I will do my best to provide a deeply sacred and profoundly safe space for you to do so.

4-Time Grammy® Nominated Artist

Four-Time Grammy® Nominee, Award winning composer and five-time #1 Chart topping recording artist Michael Brant DeMaria is a multi-instrumentalist whose albums and live performances touch his audience and listeners with his sincere and heartfelt music. His last 5 albums have all gone to #1 on the New Age/ZMR Chart and have stayed there for a total of 8 months. His music is regularly heard on XM/Sirius Radio, Soundscape Cable as well as cable, internet and radio stations throughout the world.  Michael has won 7 ZMR Awards, including Album of the Year and is also a Native American Music Award winner.  Michael was also a contributing artist and composer on the Grammy® winning children’s album All About Bullies Big and Small in the 54th Grammy® Awards.

Michael’s love of music started early when only seven-years-old, Michael began using music for his own healing from surgery trauma. From the beginning Michael found true joy in improvising and creating his own music. He loved how creating sounds helped him feel more alive and at times even took him to another world.

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He is an avid student of world music exploring and playing indigenous percussion and aerophones from the Native American Styled Flute and African Djembe to the Australian Didgeridoo. He also plays piano and a wide array of keyboards and synthesizers.

He has been the featured musician for renowned poets Robert Bly and David Whyte and has played with Grammy® winning, nominated and internationally known artists David Darling, Peter Kater, and R. Carlos Nakai. He has released two compilations on the Sounds True label and recently released a new album on Sounds True with  Peter Kater called Heart of Silence: Meditations for piano and flute. His music has also been featured on Eckhart Tolle’s, Music for Inner Stillness and Mark Nepo’s audio programs Reduced To Joy and Inside The Miracle, as well as Noah Levine’s, Kind Awarenesss.

Speaker / Presenter

As a speaker and workshop leader, Michael has presented nationally and internationally. Over the years, his keynote speeches have evolved into popular keynote concerts where he integrates music, storytelling, guided visualizations and poetry in his presentations. He is known for taking his audiences on dynamic, engaging and moving journeys of self-discovery, relaxation and healing that are at once entertaining and informative.

Michael also loves to incorporate his work as a yoga and meditation teacher into his presentations including laughter yoga and dynamic, simple movement exercises that gets the whole room relaxed and energized in a fun and accessible way.


Most of Dr. DeMaria’s presentations integrate the use of music for relaxation and visualization usually including live Native American Flute, Australian Didgeridoo, piano and/or drumming performances. Michael is also available for his popular Keynote Concerts when given adequate advanced notice.


Michael’s love of writing began in his teens when he found personal healing in journaling and writing poetry. This theme of creativity fostering the healing process he later explored academically as he went on to publish and present numerous papers on the role creativity and spirituality play in the healing process nationally and internationally. He is the author of Horns and Halos (1992), Ever Flowing On (2001),  Moments (2008) and the soon to be released Peace Within (2015).

As a playwright, Michael’s first full length play, Café Mezzo opened to rave reviews in 2007 and was chosen as the best play of the year for the Loblolly Theatre. His second full length play, co-written with Stephen Lott, Siyotanka also opened to exceptional reviews and garnered 7 Crystal Awards including Michael receiving a Crystal Award for his original musical score and live performance of the soundtrack. Michael and Stephen went on to collaborate on another full length play The Maiden of Stonehenge that had its world premiere in 2012.  Both sounds tracks reached #1 on the ZMR chart and won multiple awards including Siyotanka winning a Native American Music Award, a ZMR Award and became Michael’s first Grammy® nomination.  The Maiden of Stonehenge went on to win Best World Music Album of 2013.

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Michael continues to find poetry as great a solace as music in his life and believes as his poet Uncle in Florence, Italy says, “You can’t go in search of poetry, you must let it find you.” His first collection of poetry, Moments was published in 2008 and he is currently working on his second collection of poetry at the current time.

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Michael has been student of meditation and mindfulness since he was 18 years old. He was introduced to meditation by his teacher, friend and colleague Dr. Williams Mikulas one of the foremost authorities on meditation, mindfulness and Buddhist psychology in the world today. Mikulas’ work includes “Taming The Drunken Monkey” and “The Way Beyond”.  Bill has remained a true inspiration, trusted teacher and beloved friend in Michael’s life ever since.

A 2nd degree black belt as well as a certified yoga instructor at the 200hr and 500hr level, and a certified meditation teacher he has brought an integrative model to his teaching in a similar way that he has to his clinical practice.

His popular yoga classes and workshops, whether at local community centers, yoga studios and festivals, are always energizing, stimulating, fun, relaxing and rejuvenating.